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The 14 Day Fat loss challenge is where you can learn strategies to lose weight when you want to, smash common myths that have lead you to fail, and stop you becoming a crash dieter.

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“I’m Steve but some people call me ‘Robbo’ and my life has been incredible thanks to staying fit and healthy. I’d like to share my experience and what I have learned with you. ”

I train men in their 40’s, 50’s and older to become stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier. My programs are men who want to make tjheir health a priority, so they can be happy, healthy and strong. JOIN ME for the journey and achieve your fitness goals to live well.

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What Clients Say

Steve has made exercise fun! I thoroughly enjoy going to classes and I never thought I’d see myself out of bed so early to do so! I’d highly recommend this team if you need encouragement and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Claudia Bakac

I signed up to shift a few stubborn kilos and get out of an exercise rut … and have achieved results beyond expectations. I’ve lost 5% body fat, am leaner and more toned, and stronger than ever. There’s no magic bullet – but if you commit, trust in the process and follow Steve’s scientifically-based approach, you will get results. And, at the end of the 12 weeks, Steve offers ongoing monthly exercise programs (delivered via an easy-to-use app for remote clients such as me) to keep you on track and continuing to achieve results. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach delivered with authenticity and a genuine interest in your progress, make the commitment to your wellbeing.

Belinda Egan

Fitter after forty! Love it!!!
Outstanding practical and achievable approach to meeting my personal targeted goals!
Thank you for giving me skills for life that can be re applied in an ongoing basis!
Your awesome!!!

Michael Palmer

I start the fitter after 40 to get my strength back and to be more active. It has definitely doing that.
The season and problems that Steve puts together are great and rewarding. 💪💪💪
As our live are very busy Steve has worked very hard to have to workouts fun and fast.
If you are thinking about it JUST DO IT.
You will not regret start 👍👍👍👍👍

Liam Gibson

Robbo changed my life. I love his programs, keeping it interesting with an outcome. The mad cow boxing and strong man was challenging and pushed me beyond what I thought possible. I wish he was in Melbourne where I now live. I can’t wait to do more of his programs.

Ben Swan

We worked with Steve for the Bio Age testing as part of a workplace fitness initiative. Massive ‘high 5’ for his enthusiasm, knowledge and helping implement strategies for improvement. I can highly recommend Taurus Training.

Andy Marsland

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